The Management of ‘Red Sea Marine Services L.L.C (DMCC) is committed to achieve high standards of Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality of our employees, contractors and other third parties connected with our activities.


Provide a Safe, Healthy and Secure Operational Environment to all Sea and Shore Staff.

Ensure prevention of injury, ill health, prevention of Pollution and Safety of human life Strive to achieve Zero Incidents, Zero Spill and No Harm to People and Environment.

Employ Competent, Qualified and Experienced Personnel suited for respective positions.

Assess all identified risks to its Ships, Personnel, Environment, set targets and establish safeguards



Minimize pollutants at source through effective maintenance and supply of spares and ensuring prevention of pollution and conservation and protection of environment, against any unlawful discharge of effluents.

Limit emissions to within permissible limits and ensure that residual wastes are disposed-off in a safe and responsible manner paying special attention to waste generated on board.

Aim for making energy efficiency a strategic objective in our philosophy and social responsibility targeting continual improvement.

In enforcing our Environmental Management System, disciplinary actions shall be taken against acts of willful negligence and/or gross misconduct resulting in regulatory breaches and/or loss of Company’s reputation.


Ensure compliance with the ISPS code as well fulfill its compliance obligations pertaining to HSSEQ aspects are met.

Provide additional security measures and procedures to be implemented as potential new threats are uncovered.

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Continually improve HSSEQ skills of its personnel ashore and onboard ships including preparing for emergencies related to Health, Safety, Maritime, Cyber Security and Environmental protection.

Provide training for employees to enable them to achieve company objectives and targets in enhancing their career development.

Ensure adequacy of resources to achieve company objectives and targets.

Seek customer feedback to measure the effectiveness and drive improvement of the company’s quality management systems ensuring customer satisfaction Minimize risk for the stakeholders, customers and all interested parties.