Our approach to ship management focuses on helping the ship owner navigate the complex regulatory, technological and sustainability challenges the industry is facing.

Ethics and strong moral principles are fundamental to our business. Through HSSEQ culture, policies, training programs and procedural checks we build around compliance to achieve the highest industry standards. The internationally trading fleet is routinely subjected to the Port State inspections, Terminal inspections, SIRE / CDI inspection regime and the Company undertakes frequent TMSA audits by various Oil Majors that verify compliance.

A culture of openness is critical to our success and to our organization as a place for personal and professional development, by encouraging it we aspire at positively contributing to the industry.

The Company has subscribed the fleet with Stratumfive, that provides a combined high-definition vessel tracking, security management, route planning and weather monitoring, with a wealth of additional tools.

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Operational awareness and control – in a single comprehensive interface.

Our priority is always to prevent unforeseen incidents and protect the interests of the Ship Owners and our seafarers.

Our approach to Risk Management policies and protocols are specifically tailored to meet the diverse challenges of a worldwide operating fleet of tankers.

With a fleet contract with Viswa Energy Efficiency Management System (VEEMS), a data-driven augmentation tool that is equipped with features such as live data monitoring, hull condition monitoring, engine condition monitoring, alarm and monitoring system, IMO DCS and EU MRV, EEXI Implementation and Fleet Performance KPI.

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This innovative software helps us identify gaps and pain points, address inefficiencies, and make real-time, fuel-saving decisions.

The Management ensures our vessels are always maintained to the optimum standards by following a customized Planned Maintenance System.

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The Planned Maintenance System, “Ship Management and Maintenance System: (SMMS Enterprise) is a highly customizable and functionality rich solution for scheduling planned maintenance jobs on-board, Budgeting, Fleet Procurement and Inventory Control, Health Safety Quality Environment, Fleet Management & Crew Manning, e-Documentation that simplifies our processes and helps to reduce costs.

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Our technical department is focused on meeting budget targets, achieved through established best practices in maintenance, but they will never compromise on safety, compliance, and environmental care. To support environmental conservation initiatives, we conduct audits to ensure our people and ships respect environmental compliance.